New this week 4-10 March 2013

March. March was there, now it’s here. In the blink of an eye. And here we are again with an amazing playlist.

I’ve just found out that I’ve listened to the whole Cave Singers‘ new album Naomi backwards. I was actually very impressed by the closing track, as it’s become pretty rare to hear a good album ending. Now that I’ve found out that it’s actually the first track of the album, I’m slightly disappointed. But well, Canopy remains a great tune. I couldn’t find a link to embed, so here’s Have To Pretend instead (but you can still listen to the whole album on Spotify):

Dido‘s new album has also been released this week – but I somehow decided to skip it in the now playing list. I think I will wait for someone else to give me feedback first, and then …maybe… 

Stereophonics‘s new release Graffiti on a Train comes with a full length track-by-track commentary by the band themselves. No need to add much. Indian Summer is their new single:

Icelandic singer/songwriter Ólöf Arnalds released this week her third album, and her first fully written in English, Sudden Elevation (One Little Indian US release 5th March, UK 4th February). Beautiful voice and melancholic melodies:

They Might Be Giants are also out with their newest work, Nanobots, 25 tracks for approximately 45 minutes – from Hive Mind (6″ long) to The Darlings of Lumberland (3’22”). Singer John Linnell commented that these songs were naturally written as short songs to avoid over-populating them with unnecessary verses and choruses. Call You Mum:

Needless to say that my favourite track of the week comes from a collaboration between Canadian band Austra, one of my obsessions of 2012, and British producer and DJ Hervé (Joshua Harvey), taking shape in the beautiful Save Me. ‘The Art of Disappearing’ has been released via Cheap Thrills on 4th March 2013.

Last but not least, Simian Mobile Disco just released a Live album, pretty good stuff.

Cover of the week: They Might Be Giants, Nanobots

Spotify playlist: click here.


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