StageSurfing presents: 427 TOUR

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We are really really really proud to introduce the English audience to these two great Italian bands, for the first time in the UK to promote their new albums, both on Irma Records/Hypotron. England, please welcome

Captain Mantell and Sophie Lillienne

These guys travelled across Europe, playing in Germany and Holland, and have now reached the UK to play 4 shows in 4 days. If you like dirty guitar solos,  groovy bass lines, catchy melodies and neat rhythm (wow), make sure you don’t miss out!!

London – Bristol – Brighton: Are you ready?
Check the new videos from 7times7 and Lonesterdam

427 tour (join us on Facebook)

Thu 11th @The White Lion, Streatham – London

Fri 12th @The Lanes, Bristol

Sat 13th @The Gladstone, Brighton

Sun 14th @Fiddler’s Elbow, Camden – London

427tour HD RED

© illustration by Eeviac

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